Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cthulhu Hack

I like Call of Cthulhu. I really do. But it has so much dead weight and wasted potential. Where's the fun that could be inherent in going mad? Why does the character sheet have skills like accounting and zoology? Does zoology really come up that often?

So, naturally, I wrote up my own version of the game. You might be tempted to look at this thing and say that it's not a hack. But I stand by the lablel. This is a hack of my actual play experiences with CoC.

It's pretty rough. There's lots of unaddressed issues. Like what kind of mental disorders might eventually become part of the game. I'll work on that stuff when and if the time comes. If you'd like to take it and do something with it, then please, be my guest. It's all yours.