Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The shame of publishing

The Infected is in print. Has been for a little while now. I'm asking $10 for a copy of it through Lulu. I get to pocket a bit less than $4 of that.

It is not a four star game. It's not even a two star game. It's workable. It can be fun. But it's far from awesome. I even did my own weak-assed layout work. That doesn't help the quality of the thing, I can tell you that. It's one more weak derivative work on the market.

So, who's that hurting? No one, I thought. But apparently I'm amongst a growing crowd of game designers who's gone and taken a shit in the breakfast burrito of the RPG community. The vibe is that crappy games with price tags are fucking up the world for everyone to live in. I'm not quite sure how it works, but it would seem that my game (or possibly it's price tag) is ruining someone's D&D game somewhere. Something about butterflies in China I think.

Look out everyone. I'm going to do it again real soon.