Saturday, February 23, 2008

I graduated from the Forge

In a few recent threads here and there at Story Games, folks have mentioned that the Forge would be a great place to do the work they're talking about doing. It started me thinking about my relationship to the Forge and why I don't really go there very much any more.

I think it's because all the hard lessions are done. I learned how to shed my baggage there. Not just the baggage I brought with me, but also the baggage I accumulated while I was there and the baggage that I occationlly pick up here and there. I learned how to think critically about games. Not just the text, but also how I play. I learned how to be polite on the internet at the Forge. Ok, so I don't allways apply that lession, but I still learned it at the Forge.

I could go back to the Forge to learn more. There are constantly new folks coming in with new ideas. I could totally pick up lots from chatting with them. Or I could go back and take up space as someone willing to dish out the limited wisdom of my own experience. There are a couple folks doing an excellent job at that very task right now.

But I'm not much of a teacher-type. What I need right now is a studio of creative folks who are there to design and have allready gone through all the basic lessions. I need a post-graduate space.