Friday, February 22, 2008


Lisa and I used our free movie passes to check out the new movie Jumper today at Southpoint.

I enjoyed it. It had an intentional comic book feel to it. I cannot reccomend it, because it also felt like it was just the first three issues and no one seems to know if there will be anymore.

The plot wasn't particularly deep or anything, but it failed to wrap up pretty much every single loose end. Except, of course, the lead character's shitty relationship with his dad. That got wrapped up with the bad guys showed up and offed the old man. Now he can't resolve that issue. Which kinda sucks.

I left the theater with the feeling that I had just watched a particularly expensive television pilot. There was plenty of set up for more story line, but precious little finished off.

Oh well. I wasn't expecting much more than ninety minutes of action and special effects. I did get that.